Hypnotherapy in Berkhamsted

As you may already know, hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that relies on the use of soft hypnosis in order to help you address ailments, remove bad habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle overall. We can offer you detailed information about NLP and hypnotherapy at our clinic, where you can also benefit from high-quality one-on-one therapy sessions with one of our trained and respected practitioners.

Trained By Gemma Bailey

Our specialists were trained by Gemma Bailey, a senior hypnotherapist and a qualified trainer in the field of NLP and hypnotherapy. If you have wanted to give hypnotherapy a try, yet you did not have the chance to do it, then now is the time to give this life-changing experience a try.

Improve Your State Of Min

The benefits of hypnotherapy in Berkhamsted are many, as this practice can help you on more than just one level. Firstly, it can help you by improving your state of mind, by inducing a feeling of happiness and harmony and by preventing depression. Secondly, it can induce a series of thoughts and positive suggestions that will gradually change your life by removing the negative aspects from your routine and lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking or substance abuse. Everything is done in a safe and controlled environment, and you are in the good hands of specialists that have treated tens of patients with similar ailments or problems.

Keeping An Open Mind

The secret to changing your life in a positive way is to keep an open mind, and this is exactly what this technique aims to do – hypnotherapy relies on suggestion and increased responsiveness. You are in control of the therapy session, you decide the depth of the hypnosis and you decide if you will ignore the surrounding distractions and focus exclusively on the voice of your hypnotherapist.

We often use a mild form of hypnosis without even realising it – using our imagination is a form of self-hypnosis and it is entirely safe, just like this practice that has been approved in 1955 for therapeutic purposes.

For further details on our experience, track of record and NLP/hypnotherapy services we offer at our clinic in Berkhamsted, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you right away.

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