Hypnotherapy In Buckinghamshire

Our clinic has been treating both adults and children in Buckinghamshire, through hypnotherapy and NLP, since 2004. Due to the fact that treatment is very effective, it helps provide lasting effects, and is a quick method of treatment, it’s rapidly growing in popularity. Gemma Bailey, a senior therapist, a published author, and a qualified trainer, trains all of our practitioners to the highest level, who are highly qualified in the treatment methods we employ.

How It Works

Hypnotherapy applies hypnosis, which in turn helps provide the therapeutic benefits to patients in our clinic. Helping improve personal well being, medicinal purposes, working on sports injuries, and other treatments have been done through this form of treatment. Deep relaxation is attained during a session, because the therapist focuses on the mind. And, as you are more open to suggestion at this period, it is much easier for you to take in what is being said, agree with, and make the positive changes that are being presented to you by the therapist working with you.

Our clinic also employs the use of your imagination in a session. By focusing on the hypnosis’s voice, you are able to go more in to a trance. And, when you are focused, regardless of how deep in a trance you go, you can block out the external voices and any distractions which would otherwise allow you from making the changes.

You are never fully asleep during a session, nor are you fully awake. Regardless of how deep you are in the trance, you never cease to maintain full control of the body, and this allows you to maintain necessary control allowing you to receive sensory data coming in, which then allows you to make the changes that are being presented to you.

Approved By The British Medical Association

Since 1995 the British Medical Association has accepted this as a valid therapeutic treatment method. More focus is placed on connecting the body and mind through conventional forms of medicine; for you to achieve the highest sense of well being, you have to focus both of these areas, and you have to find a way to bring both areas in harmony.

As hypnosis is very safe and effective, many injuries and ailments can be treated through this form. It is also a valid way for you to help you increase self empowerment in your life, so you’re more focused and more in control of their lives.

NLP and hypnotherapy allow you to make better life and health choices, so you can improve yourself and your life in the future. We can also assist you through these therapies to help you stop unwanted behaviours in your life, and help you learn new skills that you want to learn. With focus on bettering your life and future, our Buckinghamshire based therapists will work with you, to help you make the positive and necessary changes for you to have a better life in the future.

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