Hypnotherapy In Harpenden

Hypnotherapy has been used for hundreds of years, due to its therapeutic benefits. At our clinic, we have been using this powerful practice along with NLP for almost 10 years to treat a wide array of problems, both in children and in adults. These techniques are safe and highly effective, and we only work with skilled and properly trained practitioners. Gemma Bailey is the Senior Hypnotherapist that has trained our specialists who provide hypnotherapy in Harpenden – she is a qualified trainer and published author, therefore you can be sure to be in good hands.

What we do

At our professional hypnotherapy clinic in Harpenden, we help people who want to improve their overall well-being and overcome a series of issues and ailments. This technique is known to support relaxation, relieve stress and improve one’s ability to focus. Moreover, if used by a truly skilled practitioner, hypnotherapy can also be a great tool for opening your mind to suggestion – this has helped millions of people change their lifestyle and behaviour.

Using hypnosis everyday

It often happens that we use hypnosis without even realising it – as a matter of fact, we do so whenever we let our imagination run wild. During the hypnotherapy session, you will be guided by the practitioner’s voice and you will enter a meditative state, where you are neither awake nor fully asleep. The practitioner is the one that controls the depth of the therapy, based on the amount of sensory data you need to perceive.

Hypnotherapy has been approved and used for more than half a century, and it focuses mainly on the connection between body and mind. In other words, it is safe to say that hypnotherapy offers a rather holistic approach, making sure that your mind and your body are in harmony and that you get a generalised feeling of well-being. This form of therapy is entirely safe and it can not only come in handy for self-development purposes, but it can also treat a wealth of ailments in a fast and efficient manner, without resorting to drugs – this way, the treatment is natural and no side effects are involved.

The hypnotherapy sessions coupled with NLP in Harpenden can help you make inspired, life-changing decisions in the future, so that you will improve the quality of your life. You can get rid of unwanted habits and behavioural problems, such as drinking or smoking and you can open your mind to new possibilities.

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