Hypnotherapy In Rickmansworth

We’ve been using hypnotherapy and NLP to help adults and kids in Rickmansworth to overcoming a series of challenges, since 2004. We use these methods due to the speed, effectiveness, and lasting changes they provide. Gemma Bailey, a senior therapist, qualified trainer in NLP, hypnotherapy, and a published author, trains all therapists conducting these treatments.

About Hypnotherapy

By producing a deep state of relaxation, hypnosis allows the mind to concentrate, and the mind is open to different forms of suggestions during this time. This in turn allows you to make changes, to benefit your health. Use of imagination is a mild form of this approach; during the session, you are guided by the hypnosis’s voice. When focused in this manner, it is possible to ignore the distractions around you.

Be In Control

During a session in our clinic, you are never fully a sleep and during the entire process you are in full control, to receive important sensory data.

Accepted By British Medical Association

Since 1995, British Medical Association, has accepted hypnosis as a valid therapeutic technique. Conventional medicine looks more at the body and mind, in order for well being to be achieved, harmony has to be maintained throughout.

This safe therapy can be used in treating a number of bad habits and it can be used to help increase your own personal empowerment as well. See the full list of treatments to see how hypnotherapy can help you. We’ve helped patients from Rickmansworth and across London with a hugh variety of different problems and phobias.

Through hypnotherapy and NLP, you can make better choices, so you can live a better and more fulfilling life in the future. When you visit us, you will learn that these practices can help stop unwanted behaviours, and help you possibly acquire more skills you hope to learn.

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