Hypnotherapy in Watford

At our clinic in, we help people across Watford and London who suffer from various ailments or who want to stop smoking or lose weight – our treatments are based on NLP and hypnotherapy, two powerful practices that are known for their beneficial effects. These techniques are safe both for children and for adults, and we have a solid background in the field. We only work with certified, trained and experienced practitioners that have treated hundreds of patients in the past, and the team was intensely trained by Gemma Bailey, a highly qualified trainer of NLP and hypnotherapy who has also written books on the power of hypnosis.

Improving Your Well Being

To put it simple, hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that relies on the use of hypnosis in order to improve a person’s well-being and mental state. The purpose of this therapy is to help the patient improve his concentration and let off the steam, stress and pressure that have accumulated inside of him throughout the years. Moreover, hypnotherapy and NLP treatments that we use at our clinic are also aimed at broadening peoples horizons and making the patient more open to suggestions. These induced suggestions are designed to radically change the patient’s life in a positive way.

Hypnotherapy Is Safe

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to hypnotherapy, but it must be said that this practice is very safe and extremely common – as a matter of fact, it is so common that even you can auto-hypnotise yourself when you are day-dreaming. The mechanism of action is relatively simple: this therapy will place you somewhere between being awake and being asleep, in a superior state of consciousness where all you hear is the voice of the hypnotherapist – you will hear no other distractions and your voice will focus exclusively on the practitioner’s voice.

Approved By The British Medical Association

This practice has been approved by the British Medical Association back in the 1950s, although it has been used all around the world for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. Just like in traditional medicine, hypnotherapists also believe that there is a strong connection between the body and the mind – a faulty connection can lead to a plethora of ailments that affect the patient in the long run. The secret is to live in harmony with your true self, and this is exactly what we want to help our customers in Watford achieve. Getting rid of the bad and unwanted behaviours has never been easier!

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