Stress Relief

n today’s hectic society, it is easy to get caught up in a cycle of stress. Events in everyday life cause physiological changes in our body, adrenaline is realised in times of tension and we fail to burn it away. It then remains in our system as a toxin which leads to the aggravated state that makes our concentration lack, our tempers short, our sleep restless and our productivity low. This is called stress. Of course, we all need a certain amount of stress to perform, but we need to be able to regulate it.

Stress is a major problem for employers as it accounts for a large amount of sick leave. If companies are able to offer support schemes for staff, stress can be eliminated at the onset and employees can learn effective techniques to keep their stress levels at a manageable level.

On an individual basis, stress quite simply make you feel tense and exhausted. Until you have booked your hypnotherapy session, why not practice this simple relaxation technique, which will make you feel so much more relaxed and only takes a few minutes to perform.

1) Make yourself comfortable, ideally somewhere quiet, where you can close your eyes for a few moments.

2) Sit/ lay back and begin to concentrate on your breathing. With each outward breath, think in your mind the word “calm.” If you are aware of your heart beat, imagine the beat becoming safely slow and steady. Do this for 2 or 3 minutes.

3) Imagine a calming gentle light- whatever colour represents calm to you will be the right colour, and imagine the light slowly moving through your body. It relaxes every part of your body as it moves through you, as you continue your slow outward breaths, slow and steady and echoing the word “calm” in your mind.

4) Move the light up and down and through your body several times until each muscle and limb completely relax.

5) Take in some really deep refreshing breaths, imagining that the air is crisp and fresh, gently revitalising your whole body.

6) Open your eyes and think of the positive things you have, and will achieve in your day.

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