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The Hypnotherapy & NLP Clinic was founded by Gemma Bailey in 2004.

Gemma Bailey is a senior hypnotherapist and a trainer of both hypnotherapy and NLP and has personally trained the practitioners who operate at the clinic. She is the author of Creating Trance and Hypnosis Scripts and also founded NLP4Kids and People Building. Gemma has undertaken additional training in areas such as coaching, EFT (emotional freedom tapping technique) and CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy).
Gemma works from our Hemel Hempstead clinic.

Hypnotherapy trainer

 Trainer of NLP

Qualified in CBT (level 4)

Qualified Coach

Founder of NLP4Kids

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Priya Amlani has a background as a successful Optometrist and still works in the NHS as a paediatric optometrist (in her spare time!) In 2009 she began training in the field of NLP and Hypnosis and is now a Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis as well as a qualified NLP Coach and a Master Practitioner of time line therapy. Priya is also a trainer for the NLP4Kids HQ Team.
Priya works from her clinic in Stanmore.

Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner of NLP

NLP4Kids Practitioner

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Our practitioners often have other specialist qualifications in other alternative health treatments that they are able to offer. In addition, each of our practitioners is also a licensed therapist for NLP4Kids, a company that specialises in working with children and young people using NLP, Psychology, CBT and psychotherapy.

Each practitioner is CRB checked, has valid insurance and are members of accrediting bodies such as the General hypnotherapy Standards Council and the NHS Register for Complimentary therapists.

Our practitioners offer a free consultation (which may be face to face or over the phone) and each session there after is 90 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for children. We usually work with clients for between 2 and 5 sessions though this can change depending on the severity of the issue and we will be able to give a more accurate idea of the number of session required after the free consultation.

As our practitioners are qualified at different levels, each charges differently. To find out more, please contact us: 0845 3192 666.

Click here to book your free consultation session. We will then contact you to discuss your needs in more detail and make sure your consultation is suited to the right practitioner for you. Please make sure you are able to talk during the time you have specified on your call back form.

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