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Quick Tips to Improve Your Mindset

If you find yourself in that head funk where you are unable to move past the ‘I can’t do it’. Here are three simple things to do!

Number one: Change your language

Start to remove the ‘can’t’ and turn it into something that’s going to propel you in the right direction.

Number two: Is to remind yourself of all the things that you have achieved that you couldn’t once do so that you give yourself back that little sense of ‘yeah, you know what actually I can make things happen’.

Number Three: The third thing for you to do is to change your physiology so that you get your brain into a state of having the best possible chance of powering up and giving you the solutions that you need to do, the thing that you actually want to do.

Sometimes you might be deliberately bypassing emotional content because it feels tough because it feels sad and that might also cause you then to stay in that habit and not go into the experience of having the good stuff. If what I have just said to you has annoyed you in some way or wrong a bit of a bell for you or caused you to see something in your own life that you think might be relevant to explore then I would like to invite you to join me on the upcoming NLP Practitioner training which is taking place in February in Hertfordshire. This will enable you to become an NLP Therapist. This is a seven day accredited training course that runs from a Saturday until a Friday and we run this course twice per year. This course is delivered through my other organisation called ‘People Building’ which is directed towards people who want to either gain more of an understanding of their own personal development or for people who would like to become an NLP Practitioner (an NLP therapist) and learn more about others.

There is a whole suite of home-study materials that we provide you with that is inclusive of your costs as well as including three months membership to the association of NLP where you will be able to join them as a professional member so you will have professional-level membership as a result of taking on this training. The course is going to blow your mind because it’s an awful lot of the stuff that I’ve just said but on an even deeper level and you learn bags of stuff not just about yourself but about the people around you, who may be, have very different processing styles to what you do.

This is a great course for personal development but it’s also an amazing course if you are thinking about coaching or working using therapy with others, if you are working in communication or if you are working in some way in leadership and management. You have to know how to resonate with other people and this course teaches you how to do just that!

On the course, we go through all of the basics around communication and rapport as well as teaching you what I would refer to as ‘the big guns’. These are the therapy processes that get people away from those head funks that they get caught in when they have gone through a traumatic experience.

This is an intense training course and it is one of my favourite courses to teach. I really hope that you can make it and that I will see you there. if this is something that is of interest to you, you can find out more by visiting my other website here: https://peoplebuilding.co.uk/nlp-practitioner-training/

I really hope that this is something that even if you are not interested in becoming a practitioner, you would like to improve your own personal development.  It will help you to find out more about who you really are, how you process information, about the world around you and how you might be able to open yourself up to better experiences in life and give yourself a greater chance of being successful.

By Gemma Bailey